Annual meeting Jan 26 after service

Annual reports are available on the table in the narthex, one per family please. Remember to bring your copy with you next Sunday. All members are encouraged to attend.


THREE YEAR TERM (Vote for three)

Kathy Billard

As a member of St. John’s Church for 50 years, I have served on various committees including the Church Council, Altar Guild, Call Committee, helped with Sunday school, luncheons and funerals. I am a widow and retired from being a teacher aide in the Peru Public Schools. I have three grown, married children and five grandchildren. Keeping busy is a blessing I enjoy.

Dave Hunt

I have been a member of St John’s church for 27 years. I have served on the endowment committee and have been a reader and am currently an usher for the Saturday services.

I have been married to my wife Diane for 26 years and we currently reside in Peru. We have one daughter and one son both of whom are in college and both are scheduled to graduate later this year.

I retired from IDOT after 32.5 years and am now currently working for a consulting engineering firm, HR Green.

I am looking forward to becoming a member of the church council and serving the members of St John’s church to the best of my ability.

Linda Parsons

I am a resident of Peru and have been a member of St. John’s for 16 years. Prior to that, I was a member of the First Lutheran Church in Monmouth, IL.

I have a son and a daughter and three grandchildren who I really enjoy babysitting and attending their sports and music events. I was employed as a critical care nurse for 44 years. The last 38 were at IVCH until retirement.

Now that I am retired, I would like to become more involved in church activities and an interested in being on the Church Council.

Refresh & Impress

Prior to service next weekend (Feb 1 & 2), Pr. Tom would like to have a meeting with ushers and greeters. This meeting will serve as a refresher course and to answer any questions you may have. The meeting is for current ushers, greeters, and anyone who is interested in getting involved. Saturday’s meeting will start at 5:00 p.m. and Sunday at 9:45 a.m.  

Breaking news!

Yes... Lutherans can sit in the front!

Sausage meeting

The youth and anyone interested in helping to make sausage are encouraged to attend a meeting on Sunday, February 2, following worship. If you are unavailable to attend the meeting, please contact Don Anderson or call 708-557-2880. Thank you.

Fun With Friends and Food will meet Monday January 27 at 5:00 p.m. at Lou’s LaGrotto in Peru. All are welcome. Please sign up on the sheet in the narthex.

CLICK HERE for the entire 2020 schedule

Dinner worship

On January 8th we started a new ministry called Dinner Worship. Our purpose in this ministry is to reach out to the people/families in our community who do not come to traditional worship services. The Evangelism Committee has been working really hard planning this new way to worship God. Dinner Worship is our way to explore bringing people back to worship. It will always be the second Wednesday of the month starting at 6:00. We need your prayers for this new ministry. We will also need you to invite people, neighbors, co-workers, friends, who you know do not attend a regular service. 

Addendum: Our first dinner worship was amazing. The Evangelism Ministry did an awesome job of preparing the food and making our guests feel welcome. There were nine guests, plus two children and the committee of six. The next Community Dinner/Worship will be February 12. Help spread the word.  

thank you from the shriners hospital

The Shriner’s Hospital sent a thank you for the quilts that were donated to them by St. John’s sewing group. Elinor Vaughn made each of the quilts and even a pillow to match. Thank you to the sewing group & Elinor for bringing smiles to the faces of the many children who will receive these quilts. (Each child admitted to the hospital is given a blanket and a stuffed animal). A copy of the letter is posted on the bulletin board in the narthex.

Drive By Blessings / Prayers

On any given morning you may find Pastor Tom sitting in the parking lot with this sign by the road. Want to start your day off right, pull in for a blessing or a prayer. All are welcome.

Recently Pastor Tom made the local news. Click here to read the article from the WLPO website.

Journey Through The Psalms Monthly Devotion

What you will need: Bible and a notebook to journal

Daily Devotion:

First pray that God will open your heart and mind to what He wants you to learn. Read the Psalm slowly. Most of them are songs. Try to read with a rhythm. Try to determine what the psalmist is trying to say. May want to read it again – slower.

Write down any characteristics that are describing God.

Write down the general feeling of the psalm. Is God being praised? Is the psalmist complaining to God? Etc.

If there is a verse(s) that captures you, write it (them) down. Try to ponder them throughout the day.


Wed 1/1 Psalm 1&2

Thu  1/2 Psalm 3&4

Fri    1/3 Psalm 5

Sat   1/4 Psalm 6 **** 

Sun  1/5 Rest - Enjoy Worship


Mon 1/6 Psalm 7

Tue  1/7 Psalm 8

Wed 1/8 Psalm 9

Thu  1/9 Psalm 10

Fri    1/10 Psalm 11&12

Sat   1/11 Psalm 13&14 **** 

Sun  1/12 Rest - Enjoy Worship


Mon 1/13 Psalm 15&16

Tue  1/14 Psalm 17

Wed 1/15 Psalm 18

Thu  1/16 Psalm 19

Fri    1/17 Psalm 20&21

Sat   1/18 Psalm 22****

Sun  1/19 Rest - Enjoy Worship

Mon 1/20 Psalm 23&24

Tue  1/21 Psalm 25

Wed 1/22 Psalm 26

Thu  1/23 Psalm 227

Fri    1/24 Psalm 28&29

Sat   1/25 Psalm 30 ****

Sun  1/26 Rest - Enjoy Worship

Mon 1/27 Psalm 31

Tue  1/28 Psalm 32

Wed 1/29 Psalm 33

Thu  1/30 Psalm 34

Fri    1/31 Psalm 35

Sat   2/1 Psalm 36 ****

Sun  2/2 Rest - Enjoy Worship

****Saturday: Find yourself a quiet place. Take one of the characteristics you have learned about God during the week. Then using a name that you use for God, quietly sit for 5 minutes and let God speak to you. If you find your mind wondering, that is okay, but bring it back by using the characteristic and the name of God. For instance: I might be focusing on Merciful as my characteristic. I usually call God – Father. So, if my mind wonders, I bring it back by thinking Merciful Father. I usually have to do this many times. Do Not beat yourself up about this. You will get better. Just try to listen to what God is speaking to you.

angus Day

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