a view outside your window

Below are the pictures that were sent in from members of our congregation- Looking out their windows-

Website updated

Hello visitor!  If you have visited our website before, you will notice that it looks a little different.  Please take some time to look over our website.  Nothing has been removed, some things, like sewing and ramp building, have been condensed into a blanket topic called 'Missions'.  Please enjoy your time on our website.

Open Air Worship

Sundays 8:30am

In additional to our regularly recorded You Tube service, St John’s now offers a 8:30am open-Air Worship Service Sunday mornings in the north church parking lot. The service will be broadcast over our outdoor speaker system.

In order for this service to be successful, we need the cooperation of everyone who will attend.

1) If you are ill, or not feeling well, please do not attend. Come back next week.

2) For the safety of all who attend, including your church staff, we need everyone to follow the guidelines set forth by the church council.

3) Please bring your own mask and maintain a six-foot distance from other non-family members.

4) Bring your own snack, or a communion cup and wafer will be provided. This is similar to a restaruant coffee creamer cup with a double peel off lid. Peel the first thin clear lid for the wafer, then peel the second lid to open wine cup.. 

5) Please bring a piece of paper with your contact information and date of attendance.

Upon coming to the worship service:

Your car will enter the parking lot in the appropriate entrance. Exit passage will be temporarily blocked off.

You will be met by a fully masked “usher”. If you need a mask, the church will provide one for each member. You then will be directed to another “usher” who will direct you to your parking location. You can remain in your car or bring your own chairs and sit in front of your car. If you leave your car for any reason, you must wear a mask.

Restrooms will be available, but you must enter the narthex doors to use them This door will be the only door opened in the church. Please do not loiter in the narthex or in the bathroom.

When worship service is over, you will be directed to exit by an “usher”.

The worship service will consist of:

· Pastor, one singer, and reader(s) (Within the same family).

· This service will not be recorded. We will record a separate service.

· It will start 8:30 on Sunday.

We will email bulletins earlier in the week. We will keep the same service except for the readings and the prayer of the day for the month. You can decide to print them off and use them for the month. We will not have any printed off at the service. There will be no screens outside.


          A plastic house will be near the exit for those who want to leave an offering.


          Please feel free to sing in your car or outside in your chair with your mask on.


          In the event of rain, the service will not be held or rescheduled.

Community Garden

Gods Work... Our Hands!

Progress is being made on the new Community Garden at St. John's. Lori and Jeff Whalen, Paul Baker, and Don Anderson were hard at work Saturday morning when Debbie and I stopped by to feed the blessing box. I didn't think of snapping a picture until after we left, but then I braved the blustery weather and made it over there today (Sunday) with the camera.

During construction, I asked Don what the wire mesh frames were for and learned that it's to keep the giraffes out. Now... that's planning! Update note... This has been found to be a true statement, the giraffes have leeft the garden.

St. John's Raised Garden Beds Update

A BIG thank you to everyone who helped with the raised garden beds. They are planted and God has graciously been watering them for us.

We invite everyone who loves gardening to help us take care of the beds. When you are out for a walk or a drive, stop by and pull a few weeds, water if needed and eventually help pick all the vegetables that we will produce.

Garden art (pinwheels, gnomes, statues, etc.) are all welcome to add some color to the garden.

A bench has been placed near the gardens for meditation or just to relax and enjoy the view.

CLICK HERE to sign up and/or log in to Zoom

Follow the instructions and you'll be ready to go in no time. It's easier than you may think.

Click "Join a Meeting"

Your Meeting ID is  "815 223 1144"

The Meeting Password is "1144"

Paul Baker has resumed his Sunday evening Bible studys on ZOOM at 5pm Sundays. To join log on to Zoom and type in the church phone number for the ID number. If you are new to Zoom and having trouble logging in, call the church office and we will try to walk you through it. Many members who thought they would have trouble, have gotten in with no problems. So don't be afraid to try.

Pastor Tom is logging into Zoom on Monday nights from 7-8 and Wednesday mornings from 10 -11:30 to visit with members. Call the church office and we will try to walk you through it. Many members who thought they would have trouble, have got on with no problems. So don't be afraid to try.

Pastor would like members to email or text pictures of their families to "put in the pews" during worship.

Here are the weekly Zoom meetings:

Sunday: Bible study from 5:00 - 6:30 pm

Thursday: Women's Bible Study from 10:00-11:30 am

Thursday: Living Waters Men Group from 5:30-6:30 pm

ZOOM meetings involving children are not included in this public post. Please contact the church office for this information.

Drive By Blessings / Prayers

On any given morning you may find Pastor Tom sitting in the parking lot with this sign by the road. Want to start your day off right, pull in for a blessing or a prayer. All are welcome.

Recently Pastor Tom made the local news. Click here to read the article from the WLPO website.