Things happen fast at St. John's!

Thank you Eloide for providing this quick update

1. Palm/Passion Sunday worship will be live streamed on YouTube this Saturday at 5:30 p.m. Palms will be placed outside the front door and the Sunday school door later this week for anyone wishing to stop and get one. I will post when the palms are ready to be picked up.

2. Paul Baker will be resuming his Sunday evening Bible study at 5:00 p.m. this Sunday. To join log on to Zoom and type in the church phone number for the ID number. If you are new to Zoom, watch the video posted on our Facebook page or call the church office and we will try to walk you through it. Many members who thought they would have trouble, have got on with no problems. So don't be afraid to try.

3. All the Holy Week services will be live streamed, probably using YouTube. We will see how it goes this Saturday.

4. At this time, the Bishop is discouraging "drive-in" services

5. Pastor is logging into Zoom on Monday nights from 7-8 and Wednesday mornings from 10-11:30 to visit with members. To join log on to Zoom and type in the church phone number for the ID number. If you are new to Zoom, watch the video posted on our Facebook page or call the church office and we will try to walk you through it. Many members who thought they would have trouble, have got on with no problems. So don't be afraid to try.

6. Pastor would like members to email or text pictures of their families to "put in the pews" during worship.

7. I put a how to video on St. John's Facebook page for ZOOM and Missy made one for getting on YouTube on your TV if you have Xfinity for your cable provider. Maybe you could put them on the webpage as well.


As part of St. John’s Take-5 Group I was asked for help from all of you.  Horizon House has had to self-quarantine their individuals served to their singular group homes.  As with all of us, this is hard to understand so I am asking you to reach out to them.  Would you please send cards, short letters, have your kids draw pictures, color pages in their coloring books?  The more you can send the better it will be.  Mail your cards, letters, etc. to Horizon House, 2000 Plank Road, Peru, IL 61354 and they will distribute them to the group homes. It will give all ages something tangible to do for those in need.  Remember this will last awhile, so if you could do it several times the happier you will make these wonderful people.  Shanon Edwards is the head nurse and put in this request.  I think it an awesome hope. Plus, let’s write some gratitude to the staff for their love and assistance.

May your hearts overflow as you help those in need and those who appreciate the humblest of gifts.

In His Great Love,

Max McQueen

Church Activities

It is the church’s mission to stay connected to our members the safest way possible.

Ministry meetings are being held through an app called “Zoom”. Members are able to log on through the comfort of their home and participate in meetings.

Church Council, Confirmation, and the ViaDeCristo group have tried out the app with much success. Worship & Music will use the app for their April meeting.

For any woman interested, Patty Redig would like to hold the thursday Bible Study using Zoom. The church has a Zoom account that can be used. First, if you haven’t already, sign up for Zoom, it’s free. We recommend using a computer, but a phone works too, and doing it through Chrome (we’ve found it doesn’t work so well using Microsoft Edge). The Zoom meeting number is the church phone number (815 223 1144)

You will be contacted to see if you wish to participate and what time works best. If you are not contacted in the next week, feel free to call Patty 630-390-6933 or email to express your interest.


The next outing of ”Fun with Friends and Food” (FWFF) is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, April 30—5:00pm—Clover Club in Mark. All are welcome. 

Tanzania Schools Close

Schools in Tanzania are closed, classrooms emptied to prevent coronavirus. Among the plans put on hold are many Empowered Girls seminars and events. Some of the girls have gone home to difficult and even dangerous situations. We believe that the lessons that Empowered Girls members have learned about problem solving, conflict resolution, and self-esteem will help them get through challenging times – and they’ll have chances to teach others in their homes. That’s resilience and empowering to empower.

Support our work by following us on Instagram at: @empoweredgirlsoriginal

We're Zoomin'!

Thanks Lori and Jeff Whalen for providing the following...

Confirmation class meets on "ZOOM" Wednesday's from 6 to 7pm. All are welcome to join in. How do I do this you ask? Yeah, that was my question too. Here's how it works...

You can join the 6pm Confirmation class at 5:50pm.

1) Go to

2) Click on "Join Meeting"

3) Enter the church phone number "815 223 1144"

Follow the instructions from there (My way of saying I'm not sure what happens next. Nobody will get hurt, I promise.)


The Men's Group meets at 5:30pm Thursdays in the same manner.


The Ladies Group meets at the same time as the mens group but they need to use a different meeting number. Contact Lori Whalen at 815/674-1822 for more information.


From the April Messenger...

One way to stay connected to Pastor is to download Zoom software. You will need a device with a camera and microphone to participate (IPad, Smart phone, webcam, laptop, etc). You will not need to create an account. St. John’s has an account, so all you need to do is click “join a meeting” and type in our password 815 223 1144 and your name. The best time to contact Pastor on Zoom would be Monday-Thursday between 9:30 and noon.

We'll see you online!

E-mail Prayer Chain reminder...

Sue Flaherty is managing the Prayer Chain for E-mailing. When you are in need of prayers, or would like to share a prayer, please E-mail Sue Flaherty at with your request and she will take care of emailing all our prayer warriors. These prayers will also be posted on the St. John's website "Prayer Request" page. This can be found by first going to "", (this website) then click on "Ministries", then "Prayer Requests". You no longer have to enter a password for access. If you have questions, feel free to contact the church office or Sue. When we pray -- God listens.

Season of Hope

During the 40 days of Lent we will be joining Lutheran World Relief in A SEASON OF HOPE by collecting items for Personal Care Kits. Around the world people suffer each day because of lack of basic hygiene. In refugee camps and in the world’s poorest communities, a few simple items can offer hope for families coping with war, poverty and disaster. Personal Care Kits give people around the world tools to stay healthy in life’s most challenging situations.

Each kit includes the following:

• One light-weight bath size towel (approximately 52”x27”), dark color recommended

• Two bath-size bars of soap, 4 to 5 oz. any brand, in original wrapping

• One adult size toothbrush in its original packaging

• One sturdy comb

• One metal nail clippers

There will be a basket in the narthex for you to put items in throughout the Lenten season. A monetary donation is also appreciated, so we may purchase needed items. (Donations may be marked “Personal Care Kits” and placed in the offering plate. If writing a check make it payable to St. John’s Lutheran Church with “Personal Care Kits” in the memo). The season of Lent is 40 days in length—how many lives can we change in 40 days?

Drive By Blessings / Prayers

On any given morning you may find Pastor Tom sitting in the parking lot with this sign by the road. Want to start your day off right, pull in for a blessing or a prayer. All are welcome.

Recently Pastor Tom made the local news. Click here to read the article from the WLPO website.

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