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 5:30 p.m. Candlelight Service

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10:00 a.m. Holy Communion



 January 27, 2019 Immediately following worship in the Fellowship Hall






A reminder—If you or a family member enter the hospital and you’d like Pastor to visit, please call the church office 815-223-1144.


Severe Weather & Worship Services

 Services will not be cancelled due to   severe weather.  If you feel it is unsafe to travel; please stay home.  Pastor William will hold service for anyone who is able to attend.



Pastor’s Ponderings


Mary, did you know?


The song by this name, written by Mark Lowry, has been recorded by several artists in the thirty years since he wrote it. We do not have permission to publish the words of his song, so I encourage you to listen for this song as you listen to Christmas music this year. The words are a touching and yet haunting reminder of that for which we wait this Advent season.

The song made me ponder what it might have been like for Mary:

-     Did she know that being “highly favored” (Luke 1:28) would mean she would suffer greatly for God’s mission?

-     Did she know she would suffer embarrassment at the hands of her family, friends, and community as they discovered she was pregnant in an unconventional way?

-     Did she know that the pain of childbirth was only the beginning of the pain she would suffer?  Did she know how much pain she would experience when she saw her son rejected by the very people he came to serve; cursed, spat upon, tortured, and eventually crucified as a criminal?

-     Did she know that her son would not stay dead, but would defeat death and rise again so the he could save the world—including her?

-     Did she know that he nine months of waiting for his birth was to be followed by thirty years of waiting to see what wonders he would do?  That he would bring freedom and servant-hood for the world—and for her?

Now I wonder; do you know? Do you know of God’s love for you? Do you know all this was done for you? Do you know you have been freed to serve in and bring about God’s kingdom? Rejoice and be glad!


Pr. William



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Dear Friends in Christ,

Do you consider yourself a disciple of Jesus?  Do you consider yourself a steward?  Being a disciple and steward are two very important facets of our journey of faith as God’s people in Christ.  These two elements of our faith journey help us connect the dots of everyday life and what it means to be followers of Christ as we live daily in the midst of God’s grace in Christ.

Over the next seven weeks, we will be involved with a ministry initiative entitled “Growing as Disciples and Stewards.”  We will explore together the faith/discipleship practices of pray, study, worship, invite, serve, and give.  With this initiative, we will celebrate our ministry together as disciples of Jesus and explore ways we can, as individuals, grow in our understanding and practice as disciples and stewards. 

Our Kick Off weekend for “Growing as Disciples and Stewards” is Saturday/Sunday, October 6, 2018.  We begin our seven - week emphasis with the faith/discipleship practice of PRAY.  Through sermons, Bible Studies, and activities, we will explore what it means to be growing disciples and stewards, connecting the dots between faith, daily life, and our ministry as a congregation.

 “Growing as Disciples and Stewards” Bible Study (for weekly emphasis)

An important component of our conversations of what it means to be a growing disciple and steward, will be a Bible Study each week highlighting the weekly faith/discipleship practice focus.  You are invited to be a part of these studies and conversations of faith and discipleship.  Our “Growing as Disciples and Stewards” Bible Studies will be distributed each week in the bulletin.  Please use them individually, with your family, as part of scheduled ministry meetings or prayer groups.

Plan to be on hand in worship and join a “Growing as Disciples and Stewards” Bible Study.  How exciting it will be, as together, we grow as disciples of Jesus and stewards of God’s rich gift of grace in our Lord Christ.

Growing in faith and discipleship together,

Stewardship Ministry





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