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Pastor’s Ponderings


It seems to me that there is much made about who’s at fault for the problems of the world. It reminded me of a recent continuing education program where the presenter posited that “there are two problems in the world: resentment and entitlement.” He went on to say that there are two solutions: “gratitude and generosity.”


Let’s ponder that for a moment.


Do I resent that my neighbor has a nicer home, or nicer car, or his children are better behaved, or he has a better paying job, or he takes nicer vacations, or…? While I may not use the word “resent” in regard to how I feel about my neighbor, if I’m honest, sometimes there is a small twang of desire that I could have some of what they have. Am I alone? But wait; what happens if I am grateful that my neighbor can enjoy such wonderful things in their life? Won’t my whole spirit change? When I’m grateful for what others have, I automatically become more grateful for what I have. No more resentment. Problem solved.


What about entitlement? Surely I don’t feel that I am owed anything. I don’t feel like I’m owed a decent living, or lower taxes, or respect from others, or to not be cut off in traffic, or…? Again, if I’m honest, entitlement can sneak in there. But maybe, when I become generous with my time and my resources so that others can have a better life I actually have a better life myself. Maybe when I loosen the grasp I have on what’s mine (a subject for another pondering) I can actually enjoy giving so that others get more of what they need. No more entitlement. Problem solved.


Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.


Graciously, Pr. William



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