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From the desk of Tom Redig

A few weeks ago, during drive-by prayers/blessings, the sign blew down, I had on my winter coat, hat and gloves, and it started raining. I actually retreated to my car and waited another half hour. We had two visitors who also braved the weather. Sometimes fall in the Midwest can look a little bit like winter.

I have to tell you, I am a little excited about this time of the year. It is stewardship time (Please do not stop reading). It is my first stewardship season, and the committee has been working very hard on this campaign. We are going out on a limb during this campaign. We are making a couple of assumptions:

You know that it takes money to support this church. The same bills that you may have, the church also has but probably a lot bigger. You also have to pay the salary of the Pastor and others that help make this church run. We assume that you will look at your finances and decide prayerfully how much you can give to the church.

The church also needs people to help it run smoothly. One day, count the number of people who are actively involved in the worship service. What you do not see is the number of people who have already put in time way before the service begins. We assume that we will have people step up and become involved in the worship service.

This church also needs many people to run their programs. My first two weeks here at church, I had a couple of people who were members of other churches respond that St. John’s Lutheran Church is a strong church. It is the people who run these programs that make it strong. We assume that we will have people stretch themselves, and commit themselves to a committee or Church Council.

When I first got here, people told me that this church is ready to take off, ready to do God’s work. I was told that this church is like “fertile ground”. I have found that to be true. But just think if everyone decided to step up and say, “Here I am Lord” (1 Samuel 3:4). Do you worry about thinking you are not equipped? We’re not, but maybe that is where God wants us, so we rely on Him. Maybe you feel you have done your time? There is no provision in the Bible about retirement. This church needs you. God needs you. For some reason, God’s plan is to chose us to do His work. There is no other plan. It is us. How about starting now, pray about it, listen to the Holy Spirit’s guidance and then go and find ways to serve the Lord.

Blessings to all,


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