From the desk of pastor tom

Like the angels and the shepherds before us, let us boldly proclaim Jesus Christ.

Thank you. It is an honor to be your called Pastor. To be standing in line of all the Pastors of St. John’s Lutheran church is both exciting and extremely humbling. The Holy Spirit has called me here for some reason, … for some purpose. I look forward to seeing how the Holy Spirit will continue to work in this church. I hope you will find it an exciting time for St. John’s Lutheran Church. Please pray for your Pastor. Please continue to pray for this church. Let’s see what God has in store for us.

I would like to explain my vision that I have for this church. In my interviews to become your Pastor, I have talked about continuing to strengthen the core of this church. As your Pastor, my first priority is you. We already provide many ministries that give you an opportunity to fill your head and your heart with knowledge of the love of Jesus Christ. Continue to look for more opportunities as we journey together. For instance, at the start of the year, we will be providing members to do a daily devotion with us. This is not meant to replace the devotions you already do. It is meant for people in our church who do not spend time with God every day. Look for it in the church bulletin as well as in this publication.

I want us to continue to be a doing church. Yes, continue to increase our heart and mind knowledge of God but go out in the world and do God’s work which He has planned for us to do. I have explained it during my interviews as taking this rock, St. John’s, and throwing it in the water. When that happens, ripples will start forming. These ripples, I see, as us moving away from our church building and into the community. Starting January 8th, we will be starting a new ministry called Dinner Worship. Our purpose in this ministry is to reach out to the people/families in our community who do not come to traditional worship services. The Evangelism Committee has been working really hard planning this new way to worship God. Dinner Worship is our way to explore bringing people back to worship. It will always be the second Wednesday of the month starting at 6:00. We need your prayers for this new ministry. We will also need you to invite people, neighbors, co-workers, friends, who you know do not attend a regular service.

I look forward to being part of the legacy of St. John’s Lutheran Church. My prayer is that it is pleasing to God.

Happy New Year! May this new year be a blessing to all.

Humbly yours,

Pastor Tom

St. John's Lutheran Church, Peru, IL - ELCA


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