sunday school

We have been asked what will be happening with Sunday School this year.  We will not know what we will be doing until we are able to have CSLE meet to discuss the possibilities.  Thank you for your patience.

Chaz Thrasher, creator of Ladd’s Little Library, shows Mayor Grivetti how he converted it today to Honesty Pantry - for his neighbors in need. Bravo, Chaz!

Digital VBS!

If you would like your child(ren) to attend a Digital VBS at St. John's this summer. Please respond to the survey below. We would like to see how many children would be attending so we can order the appropriate number of kids packs for the program.

Click HERE for the Survey

Sunday School / Youth

2019-2020 CSLE teachers : PreK/K - Thelma Martin. 1/2- Janice Hammer. 3 - Jan Delvallee. 4/5 - Don Anderson. 6 - Paul Baker. 7/8 - Max McQueen.

Youth Group Reboot

Youth Group Reboot!  We're working on plans to get our 8th grade through high school youth and friends gathering on a regular basis.  Different activities will be planned for each meeting, centering on fun and fellowship as well as some occasional service to our church and community.  In order to make this a success, we need YOUR help!  Would you be able to help in one or more of the following ways?

-Pray- pray for our youth, pray for our planning and leadership, pray for the success of this endeavor

-Invite- do you have friends, neighbors, or relatives that you could invite to join us?  All are welcome!  See Kathy Ricci if you’d like any invitations to hand out.

-Donate- supplies when needed

-Share- share your ideas for events and outings, share your group’s needs (could the youth help with things such as packing school or health kits, provid ing a cleanup day for the church building or grounds, preparing materials for the sewing group, etc.), share your time and talents (volunteer to help at a planned activity, show/teach a craft or hobby, volunteer to help us possibly extend the same or similar activities to other age groups)

Contact Kathy or Tim Ricci for more information at or 815-488-7200.

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