Celebrating 50 Years of Compassionate Crafting

Join the Legacy of the St. John’s Sewing Group

For half a century, St. John’s Sewing Group has stitched together not just fabrics but also communities, providing comfort and support through thousands of quilts donated to those in need. Every stitch carries a story of love and care, woven into quilts that travel across the globe to warm hearts and bodies.

Join Our Sewing Circle!

Every Wednesday, the Fellowship Hall buzzes with creativity and camaraderie at the St. John’s Sewing Group. Whether you’re a seasoned sewer or a complete beginner, we welcome you to join us. Just bring a sack lunch and enjoy a day filled with laughter, crafting, and community spirit. No sewing skills? No problem! There’s a place for everyone to contribute.

Get in Touch with Our Coordinators


St. John’s Sewing Group, Fellowship Hall, 815-223-1877 (Carole Wenzel)