Join Our Green Thumbs Community!

Grow with Us at St. John’s Community Garden

St John’s Community Garden started in Spring of 2020 and a dedicated group continues to lovingly plant, water, weed and harvest from its bounty to feed not only our congregation but anyone from our community.  We invite anyone who has a love of gardening to help us, whether you’re out for a walk or a drive, stop by, pull a few weeds, water if needed and help yourself.  It’s also a lovely place to sit and enjoy the view or meditate on God’s many blessings.


Help us plant a variety of flowers, vegetables, and herbs that beautify our space and feed our community.


Engage in the harvesting process where you can see the fruits of your labor flourish and support local families.

Get in Touch with Us

If you’re interested in volunteering at St. John’s Community Garden, please reach out to the church office for more details.