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March 17 Childrens Message and Sermon

April 7 Children's Message

April 7 Sermon

April 2019

Pastor’s Ponderings

Last month I started the process of pondering the meaning of church growth; specifically, the qualities one might find in a growing church. Now, let’s take a look at our second topic of growth: Trust. What might it look like to be a church with a predominant trust attitude? It might look like a place... 

  1. Where leadership continues to build credibility through its transparency, communication, and devotion to being part of all the facets of activities and service in the congregation. 
  2. Where volunteers are encouraged, supported, and empowered to participate in the mission of the congregation. 
  3. Where those that profess to love God, richly love each other and demonstrate that love in all their actions. Sometimes this might mean we love those whom we don’t like so much. 
  4. Where people mean “Yes,” when they say yes, and they are free to say “No” without fear of reprisal or judgment.
  5. Where those who give of their time do so without laying burdens on those who do not, or cannot, contribute as much time as do they.
  6. Where those who give of their financial resources do so from their abundance and not their leftovers.
  7. Where those who have ideas for improvements, transformation, or reformation feel confident in presenting their ideas because others will openly hear them, positively consider them, and gratefully receive them.

Hmm, lots to consider. What does a trusting church look like to you? I’d enjoy hearing from you.  Next time, we’ll ponder how excellence fosters growth.

Graciously, Pr. William