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June 15 Readings & Childrens Message

          Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31  --  Moving Closer...

June 15 Sermon

          Deep sea diving tips, and more...

June 15 Prayers

Do you believe that Pastor William can make a paper clip float on water?

Parts of this message are difficult to hear... so be patient and listen carefully.

April 27 children's message and sermon


What can you do with a rope?

May 11 Childrens Message and Sermon

     Greeting/announcements - 0:00

     Gospel reading / Childrens Message  3:00

     Sermon  10:30

Pastor’s Ponderings - June

How is it that a growing church has the characteristic of outreach? What does it mean to reach out? What is the purpose of reaching out? 

Outreach is not…

....what we do to get more people to come into our building

…the work of some committee, so the rest of us can sit comfortably in our pews

…getting people to know about our church

…a membership drive tool

Outreach is…

…going to where people congregate or are in need in the community

…the work of every person in the congregation

…getting to know the people in the community

…serving non-members, for the sole purpose of benefiting them

One will notice that in a church with the mentality of outreach…

…every picture, story, written article, Facebook post, and website notice is about how the congregation is helping its community

…service in/to the community is intentional, planned, talked about, and celebrated every week

…every effort is made to give itself away, by giving life to the community

…inspirational generosity in service to others is gleefully supported with members’ finances

Consider: If what we do here on Saturday/Sunday doesn’t make a difference in our community Monday through Friday we might be wasting our time.

Hmm, lots to Ponder. What does outreach look like to you? Please share your thoughts with me; I’d enjoy hearing from you.

Next time, we’ll ponder how growing churches exhibit flexibility.

Graciously, Pr. William

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