Thank you to Pastor Robert Hansen from DeKalb, our supply pastor for Worship with Holy Communion August 10th and 11th. . Services are Saturday at 5:30 p.m. and Sunday at 9:00 a.m. All are welcome!!

Click HERE to listen to Pr. Hansen's Sermon.

Sermons - Pastor William

July 28 Greeting & Confession

          0:00 Greeting

          10:00 Confession of Sins

July 28 Readings, Children's Message, and Sermon

          0:00 Readings

          9:30 Children's Message - JUST DO IT!

          15:40 Sermon

July 28 Godspeed

July 20 Sermon

          0:00 Gospel

          1:00 Children's Message

          7:30 Sermon

July 13 Gospel

July 13 Sermon

          Won't you be my neighbor?

June 22 Sermon

          0:00 Gospel

          1:30 Children's Message

          8:20 Sermon

June 22 Children's Message

June 22 Sermon

June 22 Listen to Pastors Letter to the congregation

June 22 Read Pastors Letter to the Congregation

June 15 Readings & Childrens Message

          Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31  --  Moving Closer...

June 15 Sermon

          Deep sea diving tips, and more...

June 15 Prayers

Do you believe that Pastor William can make a paper clip float on water?

Parts of this message are difficult to hear... so be patient and listen carefully.

April 27 children's message and sermon


What can you do with a rope?

May 11 Childrens Message and Sermon

     Greeting/announcements - 0:00

     Gospel reading / Childrens Message  3:00

     Sermon  10:30

Pastor’s Ponderings - July/August

Pastor’s Ponderings

This is the fifth in our series where we ponder the qualities of a growing church. This month, we ponder: Flexibility.

How is our flexibility? Do we…

…try new things with enthusiasm; or are we reluctant to do something different?

…experiment with a purposeful intention of encouraging others; or do we want things done our way?

…embrace the opportunity to try something, even though we might fail; or are we afraid to try?

…adjust things that aren’t working; or do we expect others to adjust their desires?

…say “I wonder how we can do that better?”; or do we say “People will complain if we try doing it differently”?

Something keeps coming back to me as I ponder the above:

In a growing church, one never hears “We’ve always done it that way before” (the seven last words of a dying church.)

In a growing church, there is enough flexibility to know…

…that no program or way of doing things is too sacred to try something new

…there is no idea too silly or costly or far out to seriously consider that it could work

…when something doesn’t work, it gets evaluated and fixed, or it gets eliminated

…someone will not like trying something new, but someone else will like trying it – both are OK. The first will adapt because they care about others, the later will be enthusiastic about what’s going on in the church.

Hmm, lots to Ponder. What does flexibility look like to you? Please share your thoughts with me; I’d enjoy hearing from you.

Next time, we’ll ponder how growing churches exhibit a serving spirit.

Graciously, Pr. William

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