We welcome Pastor Tom Redig, as our new interim pastor. Pastor Tom studied at Wartburg Seminary and finished his internship the end of June at a small rural congregation in Gowen, Michigan. Prior to becoming a pastor, he was a chemistry teacher and also a high school swim coach for 24 years. Pastor Tom and his wife, Patty, will be residing in the parsonage. Patty also taught on the elementary level as well as coaching swimming on all levels. We are thankful God has brought Pastor Tom to us as we continue the process of searching for a new pastor. We know you will extend your gracious welcome to Pastor Tom and Patty as part of our church family and support them with your prayers during this transition time. Pastor Tom will be in the office Monday-Thursday from 9-12. Stop in and get to know him.

Sept 7 Sermon - Pr. Tom Redig

Farwell Pastor William and LInda

Pastor William – We thank you for blessing us as our interim pastor for the last nine months. You encouraged us to “step out of the box” and try new things; which we did and “no one got hurt”. Your sermons spoke to all and inspired many to be better Christians. As we move forward, we will remember your encouraging words, your enthusiasm and we will pray for the Holy Spirit to guide us. We wish you and Linda all the best in your life ahead.

Pastor William

July 28 Greeting & Confession

          0:00 Greeting

          10:00 Confession of Sins

July 28 Readings, Children's Message, and Sermon

          0:00 Readings

          9:30 Children's Message - JUST DO IT!

          15:40 Sermon

July 28 Godspeed

July 20 Sermon

          0:00 Gospel

          1:00 Children's Message

          7:30 Sermon

July 13 Gospel

July 13 Sermon

          Won't you be my neighbor?

June 22 Sermon

          0:00 Gospel

          1:30 Children's Message

          8:20 Sermon

June 22 Children's Message

June 22 Sermon

June 22 Listen to Pastors Letter to the congregation

June 22 Read Pastors Letter to the Congregation

June 15 Readings & Childrens Message

          Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31  --  Moving Closer...

June 15 Sermon

          Deep sea diving tips, and more...

June 15 Prayers

Do you believe that Pastor William can make a paper clip float on water?

Parts of this message are difficult to hear... so be patient and listen carefully.

April 27 children's message and sermon


What can you do with a rope?

May 11 Childrens Message and Sermon

     Greeting/announcements - 0:00

     Gospel reading / Childrens Message  3:00

     Sermon  10:30

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