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Pastor informed me Don Johnson is in the hospital at IVCH. Please include him in your prayers. Thank you! Sue


Want to update everyone on Gordon Armstrong. He is currently at Unity Point Methodist Hospital. Saw him yesterday. His kidneys are failing. He has accumulated a lot of liquid. He had a very rough night. They are going to start dialysis to help remove the fluid. He will probably be there for at least a week.


Viola Strout is a long standing member of our church faithful. She is 102 years old and has now gone on Hospice. I spoke with Jan's daughter Susie today and asked her if it would be alright to have our St. John's Prayer Warriors praying for her at this time. The family so appreciated it and by all means would love that right now. Thank you for keeping Viola in your prayers for God's loving arms to wrap around her in His almighty mercy, peace and love. Sue Flaherty


Please pray for Pat Nickel who is recovering from heart transplant surgery.


Please pray for Alison Bryant. She taught 7th grade science at Peru Parkside before having to leave to fight a battle with cancer. She is an amazingly good person, a great and caring mom, and a passionate teacher who could use prayers now. As a Lady Red Devil Alum volleyball player, Alison (Victor) Bryant was a tough player and a key to many chamionships in her 4 years at Hall High School. She was an awesome and tough player and was key to many championships in her 4 years at Hall. She is a strong and determined individual who doesn't back down from a fight, and she has taken this battle to fight off metastatic cancer head on. She needs our support and prayers and the power of prayer works. So please put your thoughts and prayers toward Ali to help win this battle!

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