Sunday School Schedule


8 Sunday RALLY DAY

14 Saturday Install Teachers

15 Sunday First official day of Sunday School/ Install Teachers

28 Saturday Present Bibles to Preschool and 3rd grade

29 Sunday Present Bibles to Preschool and 3rd grade


15 Sunday Christmas Program




1 Sunday Preschool and Kindergarten Honors Sunday

8 Sunday 3rd Honors Sunday

15 Sunday 4th and 5th Honors Sunday

22 Sunday 6th Honors Sunday

29 Sunday Spring Fling Breakfast/ 1st and 2nd Honors Sunday


9 Thursday Maundy Thursday – Tentative 1st communion for 4th graders



3 Sunday Tentative Confirmation Sunday

17 Sunday Last day of Sunday School

2019-2020 CSLE teachers : PreK/K - Thelma Martin. 1/2- Janice Hammer. 3 - Jan Delvallee. 4/5 - Don Anderson. 6 - Paul Baker. 7/8 - Max McQueen.

On July 20, St. John’s welcomed a youth group from Minnesota traveling to Kentucky for mission work. The group joined us at worship and following worship St. John’s members served them pizza and desserts. On their return trip, St. John’s men cooked up burgers and hot dogs. Thank you to all who donated, helped and gathered together with the mission group. It was amazing to see our church family come together to support those going out to be God’s hands in the world.

The group was so touched by our thoughtfulness, that they sent us a thank you gift. The thank you card is posted on the bulletin board in the narthex and the towels and spoon have been placed in the kitchen. When you use these items, say for a prayer for all those doing mission work. The cookbook was added to our library in the Liefeld Lounge.

Over the summer, some of the youth at St. John’s Church helped the sewing group make quilts at church. They took home boxes of fabric pieces to sort and sew. At the end of July, these 5 young people completed sewing five quilt tops. All five quilt tops were assembled and tied. Four or the quilts have already been sent overseas to Lutheran World Relief. The fifth quilt (shown in photo) will be sent to Nachusa Children’s Home by Dixon for Christmas.

Kathy (mom), Christie, Anna, Johnathon, Leah and Daniel were a valuable help to the sewing group. They all accomplished other tasks at sewing including helping to assemble school kits. Not a complaint – just smiles and a willingness to help those in need. St. John’s is truly blessed to have these young people in our church. 

God Bless them with love that they have shared with others.

Scholastic Bowl

The 7th/8th grade Sunday School class beat the adults in a scholastic bowl meet over what they’ve learned this year,

Children’s Spiritual Life & Education

CSLE is looking for a place to store the parade float. If you have extra room to store the float, please contact the church office or a CSLE member. The hayrack is approximately 8x16. Height with cross is approximately 14 feet although the church and cross are removable.

Children’s Spiritual Life & Education members (CSLE) - Kelly McCurry, Gerlyn Koehler, Janice Hammer, Bill Hammer, Sue Kelly, Thelma Martin, Max McQueen

Youth Group Reboot

Youth Group Reboot!  We're working on plans to get our 8th grade through high school youth and friends gathering on a regular basis.  Different activities will be planned for each meeting, centering on fun and fellowship as well as some occasional service to our church and community.  In order to make this a success, we need YOUR help!  Would you be able to help in one or more of the following ways?

-Pray- pray for our youth, pray for our planning and leadership, pray for the success of this endeavor

-Invite- do you have friends, neighbors, or relatives that you could invite to join us?  All are welcome!  See Kathy Ricci if you’d like any invitations to hand out.

-Donate- supplies when needed

-Share- share your ideas for events and outings, share your group’s needs (could the youth help with things such as packing school or health kits, provid ing a cleanup day for the church building or grounds, preparing materials for the sewing group, etc.), share your time and talents (volunteer to help at a planned activity, show/teach a craft or hobby, volunteer to help us possibly extend the same or similar activities to other age groups)

Contact Kathy or Tim Ricci for more information at or 815-488-7200.


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